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CU Wallet is a consortium of more than 120 financial institutions led by proven entrepreneurial talent offering a comprehensive, industry-wide white label mobile wallet solution.

Opportunity for Financial Institutions
As your financial institution “mobilizes” you can limit costs, expand revenues, and enhance customer experience.


Breaking News!

CU Wallet CTO Karl Cherry On SDCCU Cardless Mobile Cash Access


Navigating Mobile Complexity
How will CU Wallet make mobile banking, payments and security work on smart phones and tablets?


CU Wallet Roadmap
What is CU Wallet’s planning process? And how will CU Wallet accommodate diverse credit union interests?


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Find out how your credit union can join the one true mobile wallet movement by credit unions, for credit unions.
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What the Industry is Saying

CU Wallet Sees PayPal Acquisition of Paydiant as Accelerator for Credit Union Branded Mobile Payments

LOS ANGELES, March 02, 2015– In response to today’s announcement of PayPal’s pending acquisition of Paydiant, CU Wallet has issued a formal response deeming this a clear and public validation of CU Wallet’s credit union-driven mobile wallet strategy. CU Wallet, a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO), provides the industry’s first credit union-driven mobile payment solution using the Paydiant white label platform. Officially launched in 2013, CU Wallet currently has 87 credit union members.

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